How to Use CineHub App [APK Full Guide]

CineHub is one of the movie streaming apps just like Amazon prime video and Netflix where you can stream movies in high quality. There is no geo-location barrier in this app just like Netflix. Wherever you are in the world you can watch all the movies that are listed in the app. The app has a neat user interface with no ads. 

This CineHub has over 3 lakh movies in their database. This app doesn’t store any movies with itself. They just provide you the stream URL from the other source. The streaming speed is so good since this CineHub doesn’t use any torrent streaming. The popularity of this CineHub lies in the fact that they not only stream movies but also stream content from YouTube and other content providers. Check out: 6 Best CineHub Alternatives.

Features | CineHub APK: 

CineHub is the most famous movie streaming app today because of the awesome features it has.

  • Some of the features include the speed of the movie streaming.
  • The CineHub gives you the handpicked streaming URL which does streaming fast and provides the movies in HD quality. No other apps can beat the streaming quality.
  • This app is completely free and they won’t even ask you to register in the app. You can install and start using the app straight away.
  • According to my the best feature of this app is the ability to watch movies offline
  • . You can download the movies from the app and store them on your mobile and watch it even when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • Also, you don’t need to search and add subtitles for every movie. Subtitles are already added and you can choose the language and start watching the movie right away.

How to use CineHub App?

Do a proper installation of the CineHub App before you start using it. You need to download and install CineHub APK from a trusted website. Make sure to set the option “Install from Unknown Sources” to true. Only then you can install the app from the downloaded CineHub file. This app is not available in the play store, the only way is to install the app from the below download link.

   Download CineHub App

Using the CineHub is very simple and easy. The user interface is well designed keeping in mind the kids too. The interface is cluster less and there are little to no ads on the homepage. The home page has a search icon and a text box where you can click and type the movie name you like to watch. The interface will look like a prime video app. You can find all the language films and web series here.

Using the filter option to search:

On the home page when you hit on search, a new panel will be opened where you can search the movies you need to download. Also if you are just surfing then you can use the filters there to filter movies based on genre, language, and also based on the lead actors also. Since the app’s movie database is overflowing with so many movies and more than 4 lakh titles are available.

CineHub App

So if you need to select a movie based on genre then this search option will come in handy.

Available shortcuts:


To give some shortcuts inside the app, in the footer of the app there are four options present. The first option in the row is Trending. The trending button will let you know about all the trending movies in the app. You can know about the taste of the users from the trending column. The next button is movies. If you need to sort the movies alone then you can use this filter. This option filters the web series away and will present you only the movies.

cinehub ui

The TV series button will show you all the worldwide TV series in the app. The best part is that all the TV series will be arranged Season wise and Episode wise and it will be very easy for you to start watching. And in the download option, you will all the movies you have downloaded from the app to watch later.

cinehub app download ui

Not only this but also a few options like subtitles selection, video quality selection also available in the app.

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Conclusion: Quick Guide on CineHub App

After the shutting down of the terrarium tv, the only app that continued the legacy is this CineHub App. Hope you have learned how to use the app. For doubts please do comment below.

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